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Product Overview

SCHNEEBERGER Monorail machine guideways are designed for applications in the construction of machine tools, Their larger load carrying capacity and ability to withstand shock loads guarantees a long lifetime and virtually maintenance free operations. The high stiffness and running smoothness of the guideways assures not only optimal accuracy of the dimensions and surface finish of the processed work pieces, but also longer tool life and thus higher processing output.

Roller Monorail - MR

High rigidity, great dynamic and static load carrying capacity, outstanding running smoothness and the total enclosure of the carriage are the main features of the MONORAIL guideway. These properties result in higher machining rates while enhancing geometrical accuracy and surface quality of the machined workpieces. Our highly rigid MONORAIL provides improved vibration behavior, smaller vibration amplitudes and thus extends tool life.

SCHNEEBERGER has systematically applied its many years of experience in the design, production and use of roller-type anti-friction guideways in the development of the MONORAIL. Consequently the MONORAIL is a cost-effective anti-friction guideway which meets the challenge presented by modern machine design.


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Ball Monorail - BM

Very good dynamic characteristics and high economy are the distinguishing features of the Schneeberger ball type linear guideway MONORAIL BM. The novel design with few but optimally designed components, because the small number of transitions (joints) in the ball tracks makes outstanding running characteristics possible, which are distinguished by smooth running, little pulsation, low friction values and high travelling speeds. This robust linear guideway has a wide variety of possible applications and is an ideal complement to the roller guideway MR.


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Monorail AMS

SCHNEEBERGER develops and produces integrated distance
measuring systems for MONORAIL roller guideways.

The technical level achieved sets standards with respect to
economy, accuracy and reliablity.

The AMS (Advanced Measuring System) represents the current technical state of the art and is primarily utilized in machine tools.

For various interfaces, powerful signal forming electronic
systems are available from SCHNEEBERGER.


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