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Linear Bearings Type N/O

The N/O linear bearing has been designed for the use of needle cages. These anti-friction guideways are suitable for high-load applications. Together with the closely arranged needle cage the bearing has a very high rigidity. The SCHNEEBERGER plastic and steel composite cage used in these guides gives less resistance to motion than similar needle cages.


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Linear Bearings Type M/V

The M/V linear bearing is suitable for applications with very high loading. The stable metal cage with rollers makes it also suitable for assisted cage motion.


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Ball Recirculating Units Type SK and SKD

The type SK recirculating units is equipped with balls and is suitable for low to medium loading. It is used with SCHNEEBERGER type R or RD linear bearings and can be uniformly loaded in every direction. Hence, space saving designs may be realized.

Some sizes can be additionally fitted with damping elements (type designation SKD). These provide smoother operation bus also have a somewhat reduced load carrying capacity.


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Flat Roller Recirculating Units Type NRT and NRV

The roller recirculating units NRT are designed for medium to heavy loads, high rigidity and high precision. Together with suitable SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings, adjusting wedge or attaching part ingenious constructions can be realized.

These wedges are used normally to adjust the preload. At the same time, by suitably sharping the cylindrically ground wedge bars, small angular deviations and deformations in the surrounding construction can be compensated. The parts are made from hardened steel.


Steel body: through hardened, very precisely ground steel.
Reticulation : plastic


hardened steel


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