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Product Overview

SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings are renowed for high accuracy, reliability and excellent operating characteristics. A wide range of differing guides is available which, according to the application, may be fitted with balls, needles or rollers. This large selection of guides and rolling elements permits the user to select the optimum guidance concept. By employing SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings the user can call on experience and technical knowledge accumulated and extended over decades. There has been ongoing development of linear bearings by a team of engineers at SCHNEBERGER for over forty years. New findings from research and development are being constantly processed and applied to existing and new products. In this chapter you will find SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings with cages for designs with limited strokes. Construction with an unlimited stroke can be realized using recirculating units.

Linear Bearings Type R

With the type R, SCHNEEBERGER introduced the first standardized linear bearing in the world. Today it is recognized as an industrial standard. The bearing can be used with rollers or balls and is suitable for many applications with medium to high demands.Combined with SCHNEEBERGER type SR or SK recirculating units, configurations with an unlimited stroke are feasible.

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Linear Bearings Type RD

The RD linear bearing complements the R type, thus providing space-saving solutions. In addition, the use of R and RD linear bearings provides a substantially more economical guidance concept in the user's construction. Combined with SCHNEEBERGER Type SR or Sk recirculating units configurations with an unlimited stroke are feasible.

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New: Cage assist FORMULA-S

FORMULA-S was developed to survive the most difficult situations: high acceleration/deceration, rapid oscillation, vertical installation, etc. The cage remains perfectly centered - in all cases, in all assembly orientations.

FORMULA-S is available for the linear guideways type RN RNG.

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Linear Bearing Type RN

The RN linear bearing represents a consistent optimization of the R liner bearing. Thanks to the enlarged contact surface of the roller with the guide way, the performance capacity is significantly increased, with unchanged fitting dimensions.
The features of the RN include :

  • approx. 3X higher load carrying capacity

  • significantly reduces susceptibility to cage drift

  • reduced danger of contamination due to narrower gap between individual guides

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Linear Bearings Type RNG

The RNG linear bearing is a modern, high-performance design and was created through the consistent optimization of the R type bearing.Highly loadable guidance systems with the smallest dimensions can be realized.Through the high performance with comparably small bearing cross-sections, an unrivalled economic efficiency results in many applications.


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