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With the first linear guideways conceived and developed by SCHNEEBERGER over 50 years ago, the foundation was established for the worldwide linear technology of today. SCHNEEBERGER's original guidelines for the construction of linear guideways defined the criteria for load bearing capacity, reliability and economy. These SCHNEEBERGER guidelines quickly became industry standards which are still valid today.

As a company SCHNEEBERGER specialize in linear technology, as they use the most modern manufacturing techniques. Highly qualified employees manufacture SCHNEEBERGER products in Switzerland and Germany for over 4000 customers all over the world.

SCHNEEBERGER is proud to be one of the first certified manufacturers (ISO 9001) of linear technology products for their manufacturing sites in Switzerland and Germany (November 1994) Evidence of SCHNEEBERGER's innovation power with a view to the future is, for example, the worldwide first mechatronic linear guideway, the MONORAIL AMS. This novel intelligent linear guideway combines the functions of guidance and measurement. The integration of highly developed electronic measuring technology with proven mechanical guideways opens up completely new possibilities in the planning and designing of machines and installations.

The same maxims which were the basis for SCHNEEBERGER success continue to dominate their thinking and actions: the sprit of innovation; uncompromising quality demands; and the ambition to time and again be in a position to offer their customers new, technically and economically superior products.

Then as now, the name SCHNEEBERGER is a synonym for modern linear technology all over the world.

The modern and demanding user of linear technology has confidence in the capabilities and products of SCHNEEBERGER. SCHNEEBERGER products are designed for a broad range of applicaions in many demanding industries. The most important manufacturers of machine tools, high-tech plants and medical equipment all over the world rely on roller, ball-and needle guideways, MONORAIL systems and positioning units from SCHNEEBERGER.

SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways are used wherever the highest possible degree of reliability, economy, precision and load bearing capacity is required.

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