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Angular contact Ball Bearings

This is the most adaptable and important bearing within the NSK-RHP range for use in machine tool spindles. The many combinations of contact angle and preload allow precise bearing selection to cope with most arduous of requirements, be they speed or capacity. The range has preferred contact angles 15 degrees and 25 degrees and laminated phenolic resin cages. Bearings can be supplied singly, in paired units or multiple sets.

The NSK-RHP Excel range has been introduced in response to industry's need for higher speeds and has a larger number of balls. They also offer higher stiffness. They are dimensionally interchangeable with bearings with normal ball diameter.

The NSK-RHP Ultra range is designed for particularly high speed application

The NSK-RHP Excel, Ultra and normal ranges can be supplied with silicon nitride (ceramic) balls. These offer higher speeds and lower operation temperatures, as well as enhanced stiffness.

Preload Levels

The ring faces of angular contact ball bearings are adjusted at manufacture so that, when the bearings are mounted in a back-to-back or face-to-face arrangement and clamped together a predetermined force exists between them, To provide for a wide variety of applications a choice of standard preload levels are available :

  • Suffix = EL= Extra Light preload.
  • Suffix = L  = Light preload.
  • Suffix = M = Medium preload.
  • Suffix = H = Heavy preload.

Universal face Control :

Super Precision angular contact bearings are universally faced. This means that the inner and outer rings are the same width and the relative positions of the faces on both the sides of each bearing are adjusted to give the required preload.

The bearings can be mounted back-to-back or face-to-face without affecting the preload value. When mounted in tandem they will share load equally.


Super Precision angular contact bearings are supplied singly, in pairs and in multiple sets with matched bores and outside diameters. Matching improves load sharing when bearings are mounted close together

Set of bearings

For heavily loaded application, or where greater rigidity is required, it may be necessary to replace a matched pair with multiple bearing set. The composition of the set can be varied according to the loads to be imposed. In certain cases specific configurations may be required as per the figure Due to special matching a 'V' line is included on the outside diameter of the bearing to ensure that they are mounted in correct order.

Limiting speeds

Limiting speeds are listed in the bearing tables. They should be regarded as guide rather than absolute figure since maximum speed can be affected by a variety of circumstances. They apply on condition that the bearings are operating under normal temperature conditions, are adequately protected from contamination and that the inner ring is the rotating member.

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